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Better Decision Making

By Susen Trail | 03/25/2021

Earlier this week I was reading an article in the Forbes Magazine on "Better Decision – Making in Times of Change" by David Michels.  Mr. Michels writes articles about Leadership Strategy, he states "I write about helping businesses achieve their full potential."  This is a core value at Simple Safety Coach.

COVID-19 has moved companies out of their comfort zones in many ways.  According to Mr. Michels the successful companies have become "more focused, decision driven, and innovative during the pandemic."  His article lists 3 decision making lessons from COVID-19:

  1. Track data and make it visible by the use of digital tools. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time. 
    1. Simple Safety Coach provides tools that facilitates ready access to meaningful data that helps businesses to:
      1. Identify unsafe conditions that hurt employees as well as create can delay production.
      2. Tap into the ignored resource of employee's observations and solutions.
      3. Elevate the problems by making them visible via Forms and Safety Observations.
      4. Utilization of safety data and processes when developing/updating Corporate strategies.
  1. Because Simple Safety Coach centralizes information and creates transparency in your business' safety processes it is easy to tap into the right internal and external experts to make collaboration easier, no matter where they are located.
    1. If you have more than one facility performing similar tasks transparency allows your facilities to learn from each other creating a multiplier effect for ROI.
    2. Creative partnerships with employees from all levels and departments to participate in coming up solutions that keep work processes smooth and safe.
  2. "Make decisions at the right level." For a lasting and effective safety culture you need to balance the authority of the executive team with input and skills provided by functional leaders, Department heads, Supervisors, and employees.

We know that the implementation of any software product is a cultural shift for a company, even if it's just for one department.  We know that onboarding and implementation of Simple Safety Coach is a shift for the whole company and we will be there to help you every step of the way.  But think of what that step will create for you when everyone from the CEO to the new hire, every department from Maintenance to Human Resources has access to information that is used to:

  • Improve safety for employees
  • Reduce cost for the company
  • Ensure reliability for the customers

With Simple Safety Coach you can leverage data, place it in the hands of those in the best position to make decisions to help your business harness disruptions as a force that propels your company forward.

Looking to see if Simple Safety Coach is right for you?