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Incentivize Employees with an Automated Engagement Program

By Mike Harper | 01/11/2019

One of the core tenets of Simple Safety Coach is the involvement and engagement in safety by all of an organizations employees, not just the Safety Manager and Safety Committee members.  Amongst other means, such as the availability of the mobile app, how we bill for the service, and the transparency we allow for, we have incorporated a points/incentive program that automatically awards points based upon actions taken within Simple Safety Coach.

You start by opting into the program.  If you do not opt in, your non-administrative users will not see anything related to such a program, so they don’t feel like they are missing out on something.  When you opt in, you also specify the number of points that each action is rewarded.  There are currently twelve actions (such as creating an Accident Report, verifying a corrective action from an Accident Report, conducting an inspection, completing a training event, etc.) that the system tracks.  If you would like to use the system to manage other rewardable activities, you can also manually enter reward points along with a note as to what they are for.

The intended use is that there would also be a “redemption” of points for some type of benefit received.  This could be an item such as company logo clothing or anything else that could be redeemed by your employees as having value.  These redemption actions are simply entered manually with a negative point value.

If the company has opted into the program, each user can see how many points they have accrued, and how they were accrued.

Not only is this useful for incentivizing employees, but it is also a valuable time saver when it comes time for employee reviews.  Within seconds both the employee and supervisor have a list of everything safety-related the employee has contributed to since their last review.

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