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Restricting Access to File Cabinet Folder and Files

By Mike Harper | 01/10/2019

The Simple Safety Coach Electronic File Cabinet was introduced last year as a repository for your safety related materials within an organization.  One of the most prevalent issues we hear about is the lack of organization, and even the lack of information on the whereabouts of, safety documentation.  This can be audit checklists, written safety programs, training materials, etc.  This usually ends up coming to a head when there is a transition to a new safety leader, and the search and roundup commences.  Enter the Electronic File Cabinet.

Although this was an oft requested and much needed feature, it did have a drawback.  Access to the folders and files was universal, meaning that if a user’s role allowed you access to view files in the File Cabinet, you could view and download any file from any folder.  However, sometimes there are files that not everyone should have access to, yet would benefit from being centrally located.

One of our most recent releases introduced an enhancement to address this.  Each folder can now be restricted from view, with the files in that folder also being restricted from being downloaded (in case someone else sent you a link).  As with everything else, the Safety Manager’s have access to see all of the folders, but you can then select one or more of the other roles setup in the system that are then allowed access.  If you don’t opt to make the folder restricted, then visibility and access is granted just as it has always been, to all users.

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