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Quarterly Conditions Checklist

By Susen Trail | 03/19/2021

In many parts of the country Spring is almost here and most of the snow is gone and we are getting the first look at our lawns since last fall and… it isn't pretty.  There are small patches of dead areas that were hidden by the grass around them.  I had my roof replaced just before the first snow fall and I see some debris was left behind.  Including nails that could hurt my dog!

Some businesses have seasonal changes or periods of retooling for a new product, but most businesses don't have time to halt production, let the dust settle, to reveal problems that were hidden by activity and deadlines.  So, they hire consultants to take a fresh look and give objective feedback of working conditions, worker actions, safety culture and morale.

It's a short blog today – I have to get outside to make my yard safe for a certain Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  However, we at SSC always want to provide value, even in our blogs, to employers and Safety Professionals.  So, we are going to provide you a short checklist to help you take a fresh look at your workplace based on over two decades of first impressions.

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