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Enhancements to Accident and Safety Observation Reporting

By Mike Harper | 01/10/2019

Simple Safety Coach has always had some basic reporting.  These consisted of charts that illustrated trends on accidents and safety observations.  We’ve taken that capability to the next level.

These capabilities come in a multiple forms.  First, we added begin and end date parameters to just about every search in the system.  This allows you to really narrow your search results much more quickly.  Those search results can now also be used to generate a downloadable PDF report.  So, if you want a summary of all Safety Observations reported in July for the “Rock Point” facility, you can run the search and download the PDF report.  In addition to the search summaries being downloadable as a PDF, the same can now be done for individual Accident Reports, Safety Observation reports, Audit/Inspection results.

Additionally, we’ve greatly enhanced the reporting for Accident Reports.  Instead of one overall report that trends all Accident Reports, we now have included reports for:

  • Total accidents by month
  • Recordable accidents by month
  • Accidents by day of week
  • Accidents by hour of day
  • Accidents by body part
  • Accidents by accident type

Finally, all of the charts are now downloadable as images.  Sometimes you need to create your own reports.  Now, instead of having to re-create the chart, or try to clip it from a screen capture, you simply click on the download button and it will save to your browser’s downloads directory.

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