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Target Ripe Workplace for an OSHA Inspection

By Susen Trail | 03/02/2021

I could tell within a 30 step walk into a workplace if it was going to be a long report or a short one by:

  • The amount of clutter in walkways and around work areas
  • Had 3 or more secondary containers with labels that were:
    • Illegible
    • Faded
    • Clearly wrong
    • Missing
    • Unable to conceal the label for the previous contents
    • On food containers
    • For one chemical on one side and a different chemical on the other
    • Only contained the NFPA hazard warning
  • Storge within 3 feet of the circuit breaker box
  • Missing or disinterested Safety Manager

The above indicators of a failing, or non-existent, Safety Culture are what I call 'slow creepers'.  Meaning it takes a fair amount of time for the vacancy in safety leadership to get that bad.

Soon I'd hear that the employer had difficulty in retaining employees due to a poor work ethic from a resentful and mystified Safety Manager.  Usually the 3rd one in the last 5 years, or less.

Often, I would hear about how great their Safety Culture had been before 'Fred' left and they just couldn't get back to that standard.

This was a huge reason we started Simple Safety Coach.  No Safety Culture should rest on the shoulders of just one person.  When your Safety Manager cannot delegate and track the progress of a variety of safety tasks at best they burn out, at worst all safety in the company is the responsibility of that person and no one else knows, or cares, what's going on.

Simple Safety Coach has 12 different paths for employee involvement that include automatic participation recognition points.  It is easy for a Safety Manager, HR Personnel, Supervisor, or anyone given permission to view and track.  This reduces burnout and increases ownership of the Safety Culture by employees.

Safety Manager turnover can upset training schedules, safety programs in folders on the Manager's laptop get lost, prior sampling results get lost so the sampling has to be repeated.  It can be a nightmare for the person stepping into the position. 

You can create a smooth turnover with Simple Safety Coach.  Our software enables the company to centralize all activities, data, and documents in one cloud-based location.  Even abrupt departures when your Safety Manager wins the LOTTO will not derail any ongoing safety projects.

Looking to see if Simple Safety Coach is right for you?