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Introducing Simple Safety Coach Version 1.6

By Mike Harper | 07/24/2018

Introducing Simple Safety Coach version 1.6.0!

The emphasis on this version is expanding the available user base to include those that don't have access to email. There are also a variety of smaller enhancements to make life even easier and more convenient. The complete list includes:

  • User accounts can now be created with a username instead of, or in addition to, an email address.
  • Added the ability to update the username and password from within the Administrator.
  • Can now setup security questions that can be used for password recovery.
  • Safety Manager can now reset a user's password from with in the Administrator.
  • Have now incorporated a Message Center so that those without an email address can also have a means of electronic communication.
  • Have added a convenience button to automatically copy a download link to the clipboard for files in the Electronic File Cabinet.
  • Can now deep link directly to a specific section of the Administrator, such as the Message Center, File Cabinet, an Accident Report or a Safety Observation Report.
  • Redesigned the email alert notifications to go to the section of the Administrator that the alert is referencing.
A big "Thank You!" to everyone that has provided us feedback on what will add value to the product. We take that feedback seriously and use it to drive the product roadmap. Please keep the feedback coming!

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