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Why Did We Create Simple Safety Coach?

By Susen Trail | 07/05/2020

At Simple Safety Coach, we did not transition an old, existing, software product from a previous purpose.  We didn’t look at other safety management software companies, much, to copy what they considered was currently hot in the market.  We based our software product development on our staff’s experience: 

  • Over twelve years investigating the cause of employee fatal accidents as well as amputations, deglovement, and other severe safety failures. Investigations that identified the common gaps in safety management that can kill, maim, or permanently disable people who came to work just expecting another day earning a wage.
  • Fifteen years in OSHA consulting identified similar basic information and support needs to enable the Safety Manager to move forward sustainably. This wealth of interaction with organizations created a sound knowledgebase of the point at which decisions are made, and identified common misinformation, gaps, and mistakes found repeatedly at most clients.

For example, it was common that at a six to twelve month client follow-up, you would learn of their decisions that canceled out all the work and support previously provided, so they actually have to start over.  It’s like watching your son fumble the football just before the goal line.  They had the ball.  The last time you were there they were charging for the touchdown!  Why, in the last five yards did they swerve so badly off course?

  • Years of Industrial Hygiene consulting, observing Safety Managers drowning in paper, scheduling, and training, while trying to keep in touch with production activities. Listening to the frustration of not being able to get out of the office to actually do effective prevention.  Turnover can be pretty high with Safety Managers.

Our experienced staff at Simple Safety Coach listened to:

  • Management who wanted to be involved and knowledgeable about safety, but didn’t have the time.
  • Employees who want to:
    • Be involved but not sit in a committee.
    • See some kind of productive outcome from their suggestions and concerns.
    • Feel like a part of the company and that the company really cared about them.
  • Human Resources and other departments who need to be more knowledgeable about safety.

It was all of that experience that guided how we created our Safety Management Software.  Next week, in Part II, we will talk about what we created and connect it back here to why we felt it needed to be created. 

In Part III we'll talk about how we manage the product development process.  How we drive the product roadmap and the collaborative process with our partners, clients, and prospective clients.  Sales meetings, conferences, networking, and casual conversations with safety professionals have identified opportunities to create the software that has been missing from the market.  Software based on YOU.

Sign up for a free trial.  We welcome conversations, questions, opinions, and everything YOU might tell us about what you want or need in a safety Management software.

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