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You Might Be Safe If...

By Susen Trail | 09/08/2019

Indications of effective Safety and Health Management:

  1. Prior to, or at the start of, each employee's first day onsite they will be told:
    • Where the Safety Data Sheets are located and that they are expected to be familiar with the hazards of the chemicals you are with or around. They need to know the dust cloud from the bag of cement the guy next to them is creating is corrosive. They need to know that, even if they don’t work with cement.
    • Location of PPE, instructions on when and how to wear it, verification that the sizes available on the worksite fit them.
    • How to report an emergency.
    • What is expected of them when informed of an emergency such as:
      • Chemical spill
      • Inclement weather
      • Workplace violence
    • Where and how to report an unsafe condition or recommendation to increase worksite safety.
  2. Tools must be maintained and used with all safety stuff intact.
  3. Electrical cords and equipment are inspected, preferably daily, and taken out of service promptly when unsafe.
  4. Attendance is taken for Toolbox talks and those who missed it are brought up to speed at the beginning of their first shift back.
  5. Every near miss or accident is investigated until a change has been made that will prevent a recurrence.
  6. The worksite is clean, without trip and fall hazards, trash, etc.


Indications of poor Construction Safety and Health Management:

  1. No safety orientation at a new job site (because “You got one at the last place, didn’t you?”).
  2. Safety training is not specific to your worksite.
  3. Persistent maintenance problems, tools with the ground prong cut off and/or insulating cover ripped.
  4. Accidents or near miss events are not investigated.
  5. Safety compliance audit findings are not acted upon, or audits are not conducted.
  6. Employees are not encouraged or are actively discouraged from reporting unsafe conditions.
  7. Worksite has no Emergency Action Plan.
  8. One or more Supervisors do not follow/enforce safety rules.

It is amazing the amount of money you will save by creating a safe worksite. 

Behavior Based Safety means that, if it’s unsafe, someone made it unsafe, usually the one dead or injured.

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