Reseller/Referer Application

How the Program Works
It's really quite simple. If you refer an interested party to Simple Safety Coach, and that referral results in a sale, you will be awarded a percentage of revenue that we collect from the referral. The payout rate is as follows:
First Year
Second Year
Additional details will be provided upon completing the Reseller/Referrer Application.
Who Should Become a Reseller/Referrer
We don't draw a distinction between being a reseller or referrer. However, you may want to.

The expectation of a referrer is to do a warm lead handoff, with no further involvement. So, pretty much anyone can be a referrer.

If you choose to identify as a reseller, you can set yourself up for additional consulting services in either implementation, or ongoing services using your familiarity with Simple Safety Coach to draw inferences about the client workplace, and suggest improvements. This is a great alternative for a Safety Consultant to earn both extra commissions as well as additional consulting services.


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