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National Stafety Month - 2021

By Susen Trail in Safety Culture


When you use leading indicators to assess the health of your Safety Culture you stop reacting to, and start preventing, accidents.  Our blog this week will walk you through how easy it is to move from reaction to prevention with Simple Safety Coach (SSC).


A Day...

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National Stand Down to Prevent Falls in Construction Week

By Susen Trail in Safety Culture


On June 11, 2018 an employee of Konkol Construction, framing contractors, fell 14 feet from the top-plate (the upper horizontal framing piece of a stud wall) to the concrete floor below when the roof trusses collapsed.  The date of his death, 4 days later, is described as "(APPROXIMATE)"...

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Near Miss - Leading or Lagging Indicator

By Susen Trail in Safety Culture


The 2015 National Safety Survey, conducted by the magazine Environmental Health and Safety, showed that more than 80% of companies in the survey track near misses as a metric of their safety culture.  It is very important to identify near misses and to prevent a recurrence with more...

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Effective Employee Training

By Susen Trail in Safety Culture


Our Blog today takes you behind the scene to hear how a retired Safety and Health Officer evaluates the effectiveness your employee’s training.  It’s a bit diabolical. 

What OSHA Considers Effective Employee Training

Do you remember getting...

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Better Decision Making

By Susen Trail in Safety Culture


Earlier this week I was reading an article in the Forbes Magazine on "Better Decision – Making in Times of Change" by David Michels.  Mr. Michels writes articles about Leadership Strategy, he states "I write about helping businesses achieve their full potential."  This is a core...

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Quarterly Conditions Checklist

By Susen Trail in Safety Culture


In many parts of the country Spring is almost here and most of the snow is gone and we are getting the first look at our lawns since last fall and… it isn't pretty.  There are small patches of dead areas that were hidden by the grass around them.  I had my roof replaced just...

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OSHA Changes Under Biden Administration

By Mike Harper in Safety Culture


OSHA generally can expect a round of changes with the introduction of any new administration.  These have varying degrees of impact to organizations.  One thing they have in common, however, is that it’s beneficial to know about and plan for the changes rather than scrambling to...

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Target Ripe Workplace for an OSHA Inspection

By Susen Trail in Safety Culture


I could tell within a 30 step walk into a workplace if it was going to be a long report or a short one by:

  • The amount of clutter in walkways and around work areas
  • Had 3 or more secondary containers with labels that were:

Deciphering OSHA Standards Format

By Susen Trail in Safety Culture


To start with, OSHA is covered by Title 29 and the enforcement language is called the Code of Federal Regulations. The standards are separated by Parts. Here are the ones that we see most...

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Happy Birthday OSHA

By Susen Trail in Safety Culture


When we started this business, my partner was very surprised to learn that fear based compliance, do it because you might get fined, is pretty much non-existent in the occupational safety world.  Last time I checked there were over 8 million businesses in America and less than 1,000...

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