Simple Safety Coach Features

Safety Program Wizards

OSHA written safety programs

The most unique capability of Simple Safety Coach is the Program Wizards. Organizations are faced with understanding not only which OSHA standards apply to their organization, but also need maintain a program that addresses each standard, have training readily available for each standard, and track the training history of their employees. If this weren't enough, many times this all has to be done by someone that doesn't have any formal training in Industrial Safety and Health. Understanding this, we have prepared (and are in the process of preparing more) wizards that are designed to walk someone through the process of creating a program and related training materials which make a meaningful contribution to your workplace safety, and is customized to your specific environment.

  • Wizard guides you through information rich steps and questions that will, once complete, generate a safety program and corresponding training based upon your specific conditions.
  • Content geared toward someone without formal training.
  • Identifies areas where additional services may be needed, and suggests consultants based upon services provided and distance from location.
  • Version and automatically archive your program and training as your workplace changes.
  • The resulting programs are defensible in an audit situation.
  • Download your completed, customized Safety Program in PDF format.
  • Download your completed, customized training in PowerPoint format.

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